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In the year 2001 was created Ayres Sud SRL with the aim to offer air services and tourism services. The Economy Department, by the 496/2004 resolution, authorizes our company to develop no regular air services, in internal and international markets, with passengers, load and mail. By means of the effort of our highly qualified staff, following strictly safety regulations, under a program of maintenance and training, we succeed in reliability and efficiency
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Air taxi

Tell us where and when wants to fly, 24 hours a day, every day of the year we are at your service, so that you and your team be where you need it. The passengers get to their destination avoiding lengthy transfers and/or spending the night in other cities, making the most of their stays or vacations.

Charter flights

Ayres Sud provides individuals and groups great flexibility in schedules and itineraries to travel with reliability, service, comfort and safety. Our air services are convenient for executive and technical personnel of companies, and professionals who need to travel urgently or regularly to zones nonserved by regulate airline.