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In the year 2001 was created Ayres Sud SRL with the aim to offer air services and tourism services. The Economy Department, by the 496/2004 resolution, authorizes our company to develop no regular air services, in internal and international markets, with passengers, load and mail. By means of the effort of our highly qualified staff, following strictly safety regulations, under a program of maintenance and training, we succeed in reliability and efficiency
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Our Fleet

Cessna 210 Centurion

The Cessna 210 Centurion is a single-engine general purpose high performance and capacity 6 seater plane. Its first flight took place in January 1957 and production ended in 1985. The unit was offered mainly in two different engines, on the one hand the conventional motor 210, and on the other the turbocharged T210; besides the version P210 pressurized cabin. The Cessna 210 produced from 1966 had cantilever wings, and some models mounted as an option deicing system wheels.

Data sheet

Velocity 228Km/h 
Autonomy 1.600Km
Passengers 2 to 5
Engine 1 Continental O-520
Runway type Lawn - Earth - Asphalt