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In the year 2001 was created Ayres Sud SRL with the aim to offer air services and tourism services. The Economy Department, by the 496/2004 resolution, authorizes our company to develop no regular air services, in internal and international markets, with passengers, load and mail. By means of the effort of our highly qualified staff, following strictly safety regulations, under a program of maintenance and training, we succeed in reliability and efficiency
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  (+549) (011) 15-3266-3356
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Cargo Flights

General cargo, parcel, mail, documents, money, jewels, works of art, precision instruments, etc. Our air services are invaluable when the companies need to transport, along with their personnel, spare parts and/or instrumentation urgently or regularly to remote zones. Ayres Sud will transport your valuable shipment with care and safety, to the airport or chosen airfield.

  •   Charcas 3967 CP (C1414BGD) Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.
  •   (+549) (011) 15-3266-3356
  •   jularduc@gmail.com